Ordination of Paul J. Makar to the Subdeaconate

On Nov. 2, parishioner Paul J. Makar, who is currently studying for the priesthood at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, was ordained here in his home parish to the order of subdiaconate. The order of subdeacon immediately precedes the Catholic orders of deacon and priest. Paul, 36, has a degree in Maritime Engineering from SUNY and spent five years in the US Navy. He was released from active duty in 1999 with the rank of lieutenant. He worked as an engineer and served in the Navy Reserves.  In 2004 he felt a calling to the priesthood and entered St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Seminary in Washington, DC. “His father Paul, a married deacon who serves here, his mother and family, along with the rest of the parish couldn’t be prouder,” said Pastor Dubitsky, “What a way to cap off the jubilee year!”
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