Parish Youth Group Spreads Holiday Cheer

Defying the dreary, rainy weather, the Parish Youth Group warmed the hearts of our parish's elderly, sick, and shut-ins on Saturday December 26, 2009.  The Parish Youth Group visited a dozen of our elderly parishioners to cheer them with Christmas carols.  
Musical selections included Boh Predvichnyi, Boh Sya Razhdaye, Voh Vyfliyemi Nyni Novyna, Nova Radist' Stala, and Dobryi Veychyr Tobi.
Founded in 2003, the Youth Group carols during the Christmas season.  The carolers were led by Ms. Anna Lawrence, music teacher at the parish school, and Deacon Paul J. Makar who was visiting home for the Holy Days from St. Josaphat Seminary in Washington DC.
A very special "thank you" to the members for their kindness towards the elderly of our parish during this holy season.