Pysanky Writing Video

Rev. Dr. Paul Luniw, pastor of St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Terryville, CT, is known as a fine pysanky writer.  Attached is a well-crafted, short video about the history and creation of pysanky.  Father Paul, of Ukrainian background, was born and raised in England and currently serves in the Stamford Eparchy.
The egg has been a symbol of life in the Ukraine and other Slavic countries since ancient times. It was customary to give decorated eggs denoting stages of life in the spring.  Colorful symbols representing nature and passed from mother to daughter enlivened the surfaces of eggs called pysanky.
Our parish also has fine pysanky artists, as was witnessed at the recent pysanky demonstration that was held by the parish St. Ann's Society.
It is heartwarming to see this ancient tradition being kept alive.
We hope you enjoy the video.
Watch video here:  Pysanky Video