“The Vertep” and Christmas Concert.

On Sunday, January 15, 2012 at the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church in Perth Amboy, more than 250 parishioners and guests witnessed a theatrical production of “The Vertep” and Christmas Concert.

The Vertep performance is based on the Gospels’ account of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Many parishioners lent their theatrical, vocal and oratorical talents on stage, and the performance was beautifully completed with the singing of Christmas carols by the Boyan Choir.  The stunning costumes, stages sets and the wonderful dramatic acting captivated the audience from the very beginning.  After each act, the audience generously rewarded the performers with loud applause.  The theatrical and choral performances was created and enthusiastically organized by Mrs. Alla Korostil with the support and supervision of Fr. Ivan Turyk.  Mrs. Korostil successfully brought the Ukrainian spirit of Christmas to a foreign land for all to experience.  The Boyan choir has stated that this performance is a renewal of the old traditions of staging plays in this parish. More pictures from the concert can be found in the Images Category on our site.