Why I Come to Church

Slava Isusu Christu! Glory to Jesus Christ!

The Philadelphia Archeparchy has produced a new DVD entitled "Why I Come to Church." It very simply and vividly expresses the thoughts and views of many different people as to the importance and value in their life of coming to Church. It invites people to think about their own reasons to come to church.
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Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka has implemented this evangelization initiative in the Philadelphia Archeparchy "to bring greater vibrancy to the expression of our faith in our parishes."

In commenting on the importance of this evangelization initiative, Metropolitan Stefan stated, "All of our parishes have experienced the loss of good souls over the past decades for many reasons, most of which are unknown to us.  You and I share a mission to give special and renewed vigor to searching for those who have found themselves lost or at a distance from our Church for whatever reason. . . . We hope this DVD will become an instrument for those who have been lost to reflect on the importance of coming to Church and thereby inviting them to return."

He continued, "I ask all of our faithful to become missionaries in actively distributing this DVD to their family members, neighbors and friends.  I am hopeful that this will stir the hearts of some to consider returning home to their parish."

This DVD is available on the various social media sites: Archeparchy Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and Instagram.  The faithful are also encouraged to seek out these sites and to share the DVD electronically with all of their internet contacts.