Fist Day of Childrens Bible Summer Camp

What an amazing first day of camp! The first day was a day filled to the brim with fun. It started out at our church hall where 22 children offered prayer to Almighty God. Then a day was filled with variety of fun activities that included a visit to St. Michael Archangel in our church after art project about angels. Strawberries, whipped cream, & "angel food" cake for snack after lesson about angels. Craft project with butterflies during discussion on the beauty of creation. The children also learn how to create their designs by watching their pastor create his. Melanie Fedynyshyn did a great job as our instructor for camp! She and her husband John have been pivotal in the success of camp. Pleases come tomorrow for the second day of crafts, fun bible stories, snacks, BBQ in Fr. Ivan’s rectory, inflatable bouncer and much more.