Evangelizing through our parish Bingo

When we think of the church ministries, the things that most readily come to mind are things like Bible studies, Liturgical and Catechetical ministries and the Outreach programs. A game like Bingo, on the other hand, seems far removed from the concept of ministry and religion. Yet, though it might be purely social, Assumption Bingo Ministry in Perth Amboy, NJ continues to play an important role in our church-wide call to evangelization by radiating Christ’s love to each and every one of its weekly guests. Our Bingo provides a welcoming atmosphere for a large group of people who come our parish hall to play and have fun. For over fifty years, bingo players from all over NJ come to us, a for very little money they have a complete evening of entertainment in a safe and fun environment.
The goal of the Bingo Ministry is to not only to raise funds for the parish school and promote Catholic Education, but also so that our special guests can positively experience Christ’s Church. In our church, we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and we want people who come to our Bingo know that the Lord loves and cares about them, and we care about them too.
Our Bingo brings the parish and a priest into a greater relationship with the larger community. When players come to our Bingo, we become very knowledgeable of who they are – who their parents or children are, the things going on in their lives, such as the loss of a loved one due the Covid-19 pandemic. We mourn with them in time of tragedy and we celebrate with them when something happy occurs in their lives as well.
This Wednesday, after a 29 month hiatus due the Covid-19 pandemic, the famous Assumption BINGO reopened the doors for over 120 exiting players. The players were excited to return and see old friends again, many who have not seen each other in over two years.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers and players who made our bingo game a success.
To Father Ivan: Thank you for your leadership, vision and trust.
To all the workers: Thank you, without you we could not put on this bingo. Your commitment is very much appreciated and admired.
To the Mrs. Shumney and the teachers of Assumption Catholic School: Thank you for setting a new standard for the bingo kitchen. The menu was delicious and well received.
To Colette K Baginsky and John Baginsky for a great job of getting Bingo back up and running it so well and smooth.
Hope to see all of you again next Wednesday September 14th.