Parish Activities

An active and vibrant parish, there is always something going on!

Spiritual activities
• Catechism classes for public school children
• Epiphany blessing of parishioner’s homes
• Visiting of sick and shut-ins
• Rosaries
• Memorial Day services at the cemetery
• Holy day blessings of candles, fruit, and
For the Christmas season
• Christmas concert by our fine Choir “Boyan”
• Decoration of church and set-up of our beautiful nativity
• Children’s Christmas Liturgy at 4 PM on Christmas Eve
• Christmas caroling
• Parish Holy Supper on Julian calendar Christmas Eve
• Christmas Liturgy for both Julian and Gregorian calendar

For the Easter Season
• Stations of the Cross and “Sorokousty” during Lent
• Traditional blessing of Easter Food Baskets
• Holy Saturday Resurrection Service with outdoor    procession
Easter Liturgy for both Julian and Gregorian calendars

Dances, dinners, and banquets
• Calendar Dance
• “Zabava's”

• Parish breakfasts and dinners

• Parish sviachene on a Sunday following after Easter

Social events
• Holiday parties for the parish children
• Parish Picnic on our lovely and spacious grounds each June
• Gift Auction
• Altar boy minor league baseball trip

• Bingo on Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7:30

Enriching and educational activities
• Guest speakers
• Retreats
• Jubilee book committees capture the parish's history

• Bus rides