Holy Name has installation

The parish Holy Name Society (HNS) had its solemn installation of officers on January 12 after the 5 PM Liturgy. Installed were: l-r, Peter Baralecki, vice-president; Michael Lawrence, treasurer; and Ronald Rosato, president.

Afterwards, the HNS had dinner at the Barge Restaurant.

The HNS does many good works for the parish while enriching the spiritual side of its members.

The parish thanks you for your time and dedication. Mnohaya lita!…

Easter especially early


OK, you've exchanged the last Christmas gift and swept up the remaining pine needles. Just in time, since Lent starts two weeks from today.

Wait! What? Yes, Lent begins for Eastern Rite Catholics on Monday, February 4; and Ash Wednesday for the Roman Rite is February 6. Easter of 2008 falls on March 23; the 2nd earliest date that Easter can be. There will not be another Easter on this date until 2160.

Since you want to know the whole story: Easter is always set on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. The earliest date Easter can therefore be is March 22. For that to happen, March 21st, the first day of spring, has to be a Saturday with a full moon that night. The last time that happened was in 1818 and it will not happen again until 2285.

Maybe we'll have a snowstorm this Easter? That hasn't happened in New Jersey since March 29, 1970!…

Choir concert on cable

Perth Amboy PATV (Channel 34) is showing our Choir "Boyan's" December 16th Christmas concert.

Showings started on Friday, January 12 at 9:30 PM and will repeat every night this week at that time.

Don't miss it!

Choir’s Christmas Concert

Our parish Choir "Boyan," under the able direction of Mrs. Alla Korostil, presented a beautiful Christmas-season concert to the parish on December 16. Sounding as strong as ever, Choir "Boyan" moved seemingly effortlessly though classic a cappella Ukrainian carols with precision and occasional power, yet also with warmth and tenderness as the arrangements required. Alla and Stefan Korostil, Nadia Horbatyuk, and Roman Tracz were featured in a beautiful quartet arrangement of Sviata Nich (Holy Night).

The Quartet for Silent Night

Talented parish youth were also featured. Nicole Baginsky (with her mom Collette) and Alexander Mosko performed in quartet and trio arrangements of "Silent Night" and "O Holy Night" composed by Ms. Anna Lawrence, choir vocalist and the Music teacher at ACS. Younger students performed as "storytellers." They were Melania Wowk, Darko Borsa, Andrew Idak, Taras Horbatyuk, and Christina Hrebeshenko.

The choir had treated parishioners to a tasty light lunch before the concert.

What a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the church!…

Church interior renovations wrap up

Ceiling artwork was cleaned

"For most of the summer, the church was filled with huge scaffolding! All of the artwork was painstakingly restored or re-gilded, the walls were painted, a new confessional was built, and a decorative wall treatment was done for the Stations of the Cross," says, Father Roman, pastor.

A film of dirt collected in the 30 years since the last major renovation; just from normal use. Restorers use a special cleaner that removes dirt but preserves the artwork. Gilding is done with thin sheets of gold.

The renovations are being done in preparation for the 100 year Jubilee of the Assumption parish in 2008.



A new confessional was built

A decorative treatment was added for each Station of the Cross.

Icons were cleaned and re-gilded.

ACS students acted up

Marissa, Rebecca, and Alex

No, they didn't misbehave!

Actors Rebecca Castro and Alexander Mosko, ACS '04, along with Marissa Castro, ACS class of '08 had prominent roles in the St. Joseph High School Theatre Company (SJHSTC) presentation of the famous play, "The Diary of Anne Frank."

Anne Frank

Anne's diary contains the thoughts and feelings of a teenage Jewish girl during WWII. The diary was written while hiding from ruthless Nazi’s who were looking to harm Jews. She hid in a small attic for an incredible 25 months with her family and other refugees.

A famous quote from the play shows her optimism even during the terror of the times. She wrote, "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."

Alexander is the St. Joseph High School Thespian president and Rebecca is secretary. …

Church 100-Year Jubilee Renovations

Cleaned and restored brickwork

In anticipation of the 100 year jubilee, our parish church has been undergoing major renovations. “We are in the middle of a multi-year plan to improve the church’s appearance and upkeep. We expect the projects to be finished by 2008 for our 100 year jubilee,” said Father Roman.

The church brickwork has been cleaned to its original beautiful appearance and protector windows have been installed for the beautiful large stained glass windows.

In addition, new low-noise fluorescent lighting was installed, new outdoor signs were made for all the parish buildings, and the basement was waterproofed.



Front entrance
Cleaned and restored steeple

New convent sign New rectory sign