Father Mykola Buryadnyk to Visit Our Parish

Father Mykola Buryadnyk will be visiting us here in Perth Amboy.  He is a good friend of Father Ivan from their days in the seminary.   Father Ivan and Father Mykola will con-celebrate the 9 AM Divine Liturgy this Sunday, September 26th.
Father Mykola is pastor of St. Joseph the Betrothed Parish in Chicago.  Recall that his parish has a truly unique church design.  We featured the church in an article that appeared in October 2009.  Here, again, is the article for anyone that has not seen it.
Welcome Father Mykola!
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Unusually Unique Ukrainian Church

St. Joseph the Betrothed Ukrainian Catholic Church in Chicago is famous for its ultra-modern design. Its thirteen-gold-domed roof symbolizes the twelve apostles with Jesus Christ as the largest center dome.  The church has a stunning blue interior with wonderful iconography.
Dedicated and consecrated in 1977 by our former pastor Bishop Gabro, it has appeared on lists of the most unique churches in the world.
10 Unique Churches (see number eight) from oddee.com website, read here:  Unique Churches (PDF)
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