A Special Christmas Celebration

For many Ukrainians, Christmas is not just on December 25th. There are those who start the holiday season with Saint Nicholas day and continue it well into January. Thus, about 100 parishioners came together to the Assumption Ukrainian Catholic Church in Perth Amboy, NJ on January 6th, Epiphany, and recreated a Holy Supper, called "Sviata Verchera" in Ukrainian. Each family brought a traditional meatless, dairyless food item to share. The choices were many, from borscht to shrimp to buckwheat "holubchi" and more. Desserts were just as plentiful. After all went through the buffet line and were settled comfortably, three attendees (Anna, Ksenia, and Volodya) delighted all with violin, accordion, and guitar accompaniment to well-known Ukrainian carols. The singing and playing went on and on until the crowd was surprised with a troupe of wandering thespians. Dressed in full costume, they entertained everyone with a comical holiday skit. It was a perfect evening – good fellowship, good food, and good music!

written by Mrs. Melanie Lawrence