Pope John Paul II identified three kinds of evangelical activity: first, to those who have not heard the word; second, the ongoing formation in the faith of those who are present in our Christian communities, and thirdly, the evangelization of those who, though baptized, have lost the living sense of faith. In an effort to embrace all three levels, our spiritual leader, Stefan Soroka, has initiated a program for our diocese called “Generations of Faith for Byzantine Churches” (which will be referred to as GOF). This is an intergenerational event-centered approach to faith formation for the whole parish. The goal of the program is to bring people of all ages in the parish together to learn and participate in all aspects of their faith together through: Divine Liturgy, Church Year Feasts and Seasons Mysteries Morality, Social Justice. In our parish Fr. Ivan have scheduled to run the program on the 4th Sunday of the  Lent, April 3rd, 2011. On that Sunday there will be only one Liturgy at 10:00 a.m.  and after the Liturgy all parishioners are welcomed to go to the school auditorium for the meal, service, presentation by 2 speakers from  our parish  and discussion. The topic of presentation and discussion will be – The Season of Great Lent. On Sunday, Feb. 19 the planning committee will have the meeting  after 5:00 p.m. Liturgy.
In 4 weeks we will begin the season of The Great Fast (Lent) for 2011. Please follow our weekly bulletin for the schedule of services. With the Great Lent approaching, please remember about the services of Sorokousty in our church,  that will be celebrated every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. The first Sorokousty Services will be on Saturday, March 19.  Panachyda will be celebrated after the Liturgy,  at which time the names of families, requesting such, will be mentioned. If you wish to have your deceased family members remembered during this Lenten season, please use your Sorokousty envelope and place it in the collection basket.
We would like to send a group from our parish this year on Saturday, March 26, 2011. Please think about attending. Speakers: Dr. Zenia Chernyk, Christine Hayda, and Lada Pastushak. The flyer is posted on the board and the sign up form is available in the church’s vestibule.  This presentation will reflect on how God is present in the seasons of a Women’s Life.  The speakers will stress the three season’s in a woman’s life – Spring, Summer and Fall. The day has been fashioned to include one hour presentation from each of the presenters, followed by group work and feed-back. The day will end with aligning the tree seasons of a woman’s life and a prayer ritual indicative of the winter season and resurrection.
On Sunday March 13, 2011 the Sister of St. Basil The Great will present a Lenten Afternoon of Reflection at the Basilian Spiritual Center, 7710 Fox Chase Road, Fox Chase Manor, PA from 2:00-5-oo PM. Presenter is Archpriest Daniel Troyan. The Topic: “Be Still and Know that I am God.” A celebration of the Priceless Human Soul. A day of meditation, forgiveness and healing based upon the Prayer of St. Ephraim: Donation is $25 and registration must be made by March 7, 2011. Forms for registration can be obtained if you are interested.
ICON RETREAT:: Christ in Gethsemane
An Icon Retreat led by iconographer Peter Pearson,  will be held at Holy Dormition Friary, Sybertsville on March 3rd-6th. Retreatants will paint an icon of Christ at prayer in the Garden and learn about the spirituality and prayer life that supports iconography. Cost is $200.00 and includes supplies and written materials, lunch Saturday. For additional fee, other meals or a limited number of rooms are available for those who would like to stay overnight. For more information or registration contact Fr. Jerome at (570) 788-1212 ext. 402 or email at