The Play “Solodka Darusia” (Sweet Darusia)

Fr. Ivan and more then 30 parishioners of the Assumption Parish  attended the Solodka Darusia [Sweet Darusia] performance based on Maria Matios’s novel of the same name. The Ivan Franko Theater of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. Ukraine, in conjunction with Meest America Inc., presented the play at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Whippany, NJ.   Sweet Darusia is Ukrainian story set in the 1930s-1970s in Bukovyna and Halychyna. “A drama in three lives,” as the author defined her novel’s genre, is a moral warning that the history and every human being in all times, under all regimes are closely connected, while sin and atonement are material, almost palpable phenomena. The Sweet Darusia performance was possible because hard work and dedication of our parishioner and Meest America Inc Corporate Director  Mrs.  Natalia Brandafi