Generation of Faith/Sviachene

PERTH AMBOY – On Sunday, April 14, 2013 the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary held its 5th Generation of Faith Program. Marcella Massopust gave the presentation in English while Alla Korostil gave the presentation translated in Ukrainian.

The topic of discussion was the Resurrection of Christ. Marcella Massopust has been a Gifted and Talented Art Teacher for over forty years. Her presentation: The Resurrection of Jesus in Christian Art included five different Renaissance Paintings which portrayed the events after Christ's Resurrection. Each artist showed a different interpretation of these events.

Each table had copies of the paintings for the parishioners to see. Mrs. Massopust gave a brief explanation of the significance each painting.

Also included in the presentation was an explanation of what foods and items which are traditionally blessed on Holy Saturday and the symbolism behind each.

This unique program in the Generation of Faith was enjoyed by the Parish. The Sviachene also took place at the same time, celebrating the Resurrection of Christ together as a Parish Family during the Easter season.