Ukrainian Famine 80th Anniversary Commemoration.

A commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Holodomor Famine-Genocide of Ukrainians was held Sunday at the Assumption Ukrainian Catholic Church in Perth Amboy, NJ. After the Liturgy, the parishioners took part in “Panachyda” for the Holodomor victims and then a requiem concert followed in the church's hall. Many of the audience members were moved to tears by the afternoon's performance of the church’s choir “Boyan” under the direction of Mrs. Alla Korostil.

The Ukrainian Famine was dreadful famine premeditated by the Soviet Union, headed by Joseph Stalin during 1932-1933, as a means to undermine the nationalistic pride of the Ukrainian people. It served to control and further oppress the Ukrainian people by denying them the basic vital essentials they needed to survive.  The Holodomor, meaning “death by hunger.” killed as many as 5 million people. The White House calls the sad occasion an example of the worst in mankind and an opportunity to reflect on the evil that men can do. But it also says the Ukrainian people showed tremendous resilience and courage, and never gave up hopes of independence. May God grant rest to the souls of all victims of the Holodomor.