Parish Youth – How it all began…

The church, varenyky, and history were the topic of our meeting with teenagers yesterday.
Father Ivan began with the story that our parish was built with varenyky, made and sold by our parishioners over 60 years ago.
And then our teenagers tried their hand at it, all dressed in vyshyvankas, working together to make beautifully crafted varenyky, even though many of them were born in America.
While the varenyky were cooking, everyone plunged into the ancient history of our Church: from the Apostle Andrew in Kyiv and the baptism of Ukraine-Rus’ right up to the present day and the Church of the Assumption in Perth Amboy. It was mentioned that the Church is a great gift for everyone and a great responsibility to preserve this gift.
After a meal of Ukrainian varenyky with sour cream, our meeting ended with a fun game.
May God protect our Ukraine and grant it peace!