Easter 2024

St. Paul wrote, “If Christ has not risen, our faith is in vain” (1 Cor. 15:14).
 But Christ has risen, and your presence my dear parishioners and guests at the Assumption Church was both affirms and celebrates that most amazing and enduring of all realities!
I want to thank all those who made the celebrations of Holy Week and Easter so prayerful and beautiful this year. I thank all of our volunteers who baked delicious paskas bread and who decorated the church, it looks so beautiful. I want to thank our liturgical ministers: our altar servers, cantors, ushers, a sound system person, our dedicated religious Sisters, Deacon Paul, Kenny and Holy Name Society men for offering their time for the Lord.  In a special way I want to thank students of Assumption School for beautifully praying a Good Friday Vespers service and our choir “ Boyan” under the direction of Alla Korostil who provided such beautiful liturgical responses for the Holy Week Services, Saturday Matins and the Easter Sunday liturgy. We are so blessed to have such dedicated people involved to make our celebrations so beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. A big thank you goes to Fr. Mykola Dziurakh,  a visiting priest from Philadelphia for offering confession and a service to our parish.
We were blessed to have many people come to Sunday Easter Liturgies at 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. The crowds this year were exceptional, almost a thousand of faithful participated at all Liturgies!
For those who simply were here at Easter time visiting with us, please know that you always have a spiritual home and that EVERY Sunday is a mini-Easter and should be celebrated as such. When  we celebrate the Sunday Eucharist, we are marking the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.