Testimonials + Metropolitan-Archbishop Emeritus Stephen Sulyk.

Here are some of the Testimonials written  by parishioners of Assumption Church about  + Metropolitan-Archbishop Emeritus Stephen Sulyk, former Pastor of Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Assumption, Perth Amboy, NJ 1962-1981

By:  Mrs. Melanie Fedynyshyn.
I was very close to my grandmother, Melania Slahetka, and when she died of a massive heart attack in 1974, I was beside myself. Msgr. Sulyk offered words of comfort which I never forgot. In essence, he explained that her dying on the eve of Palm Sunday should provide me with great consolation knowing that the upcoming week would lead to the Resurrection. He told me to focus on how Jesus would be bringing my grandmother with Him to heaven. He explained that Holy Week was the best time of the year to die, adding that he would wish that for himself. As it happens, Archbishop Sulyk died on the very same day, April 6, forty-six years to the day.
By: Mrs.Marcella Massopust.
 When I first met Fr. Sulyk, I was moderator of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We began our journey caring for the youth of the parish. We worked on many projects involving the religious education of the girls in the Sodality. I found Fr. Sulykto be a deeply religious priest. The education of the youth was very important to him.
He baptized both my children and they received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion from him.
He was left with the task of completing the newly constructed Ukrainian Assumption School. For the first years of the operation of the school, he gave up his rectory to the Missionary Sisters of the Mother of God to establish a convent.
An excellent administrator, he was able to open the doors of the school on September 1, 1963. My two children: Katherine and Anton both attended and graduated from the school in the 1980’s.
He was very conscientious with the church’s funds. My husband, Anton was president of the PTA. They worked together very hard with the sisters on many projects for the benefit of the school. He always appreciated the work of all the families of the parish. He took on the task of educating the children in both religion and academics.We went to Philadelphia to witness Msgr. Sulyk’s ordination as an Archbishop Metropolitan realizing that he would face new challenges in the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy and prayed for his success. Archbishop Stephen Sulyk’s hard work and dedication will always be remembered. Eternal Memory.
By: Rev. Deacon Paul Makar
The Assumption parish has a great deal of gratitude, love and admiration for Archbishop Steven Sulyk.  I can remember the nearly 20 years that he spent here in Perth Amboy.  His achievements and successes were quite significant.  He also had his share of difficult challenges  to overcome.  I remember him telling  me that it wasn’t easy for him in the early goings of his pastorate, taking on the parish committee which managed the parish.  His job was to establish a new management platform  forming a corporation giving the pastor control of the parish, and there was opposition.  During this same time period he began a major project to complete the construction of our new parish school.  He did this in two stages beginning with the 1st floor and then the 2nd.  In addition, he converted the original rectory into a convent.  During this interim period, before the completion of the new rectory, he took up temporary residency in the school.  He also renovated the interior of the church with superb art work: beautiful mosaics and frescoes.  I can’t forget the beautiful mosaic shrine to the Mother of God between the rectory and church and a large mosaic of the Resurrection of Christ at our refurbished cemetery.  I am thankful to our Heavenly Father for sending us Fr. Stephen Sulyk and that I was able to witness these accomplishments.  These achievements will never be forgotten!    I can also remember when I was an altar boy.  For several years in a row, he would rent a station wagon and take a small group of us to our Cathedral in Philadelphia to see the ordinations to the diaconate and priesthood.  It is interesting because 15 years later, Archbishop Stephen’s replacement as pastor in Perth Amboy would be Rev. Roman Dubitsky.  Also, during Archbishop Stephen’s time in Perth Amboy, my wife and I received the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.  Afterwards our three children received the Sacraments of Initiation.  Not too long after leaving Perth Amboy for his new assignment, Metropolitan-Archbishop Stephen came back to Perth Amboy and ordained me a deacon. He was a deeply spiritual man.  I remember a time during my early ministry as a deacon, I would accompany him on parish visitations and pilgrimages.  I would usually be driving.  During our travels, he would always have his Chaso Slav to recite his daily prayers.  He was active outside his role as a pastor.  He also loved to play golf and go bowling.  I can remember seeing him with Fr. John Stevensky (his assistant), when I went with my father to bowl at the Majestic Lanes.  He was an avid golfer and attended many of our Eparchial golf outings that Fr. Roman Dubitsky and I would arrange at the Ramblewood CC in Cherry Hill, NJ.    He was a very special individual.  May his memory be everlasting!  He will be missed by all who knew him and never forgotten in Perth Amboy.  He was truly a gift sent to the parishes of our Archeparchy by God.  Rest in peace.  Job well done!      
By: Mrs. Phyllis Kwiecinski  

Archbishop Emeritus Stephen Sulyk, my former pastor and friend of sixty years to myself and my family.  A person of goodness and generosity to all he knew which were reminders of the true meaning of God.  Thank you for being the blessing you were to all who knew you. You will Always be with us.