Many Thanks to All!

Dearly beloved parishioners of Assumption church, in my sixteen years as a priest, this is the first time I have celebrated Holy Lent, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday services without the people of God in God’s house. Regardless of the restrictions of this time due to the Covid-19 coronavirus,  I continue to pray and offer services for you every day. Please remember, that while we cannot be filling our beautiful church together,  we can still worship together, by you  joining  our live streaming  services on Facebook at
Our Archbishop Borys and bishop Andriy encourage everyone to take time for prayer on Sundays and to take advantage of the live-streamed Liturgies in our parish or the cathedral in Philadelphia.
To make your online worship experience an expression of our “Church of the Home,” please consider the following:
• Watch the services in a special place of your home.
• Prepare yourself as if you were coming to the church, perhaps even dressing as you usually do for service at the church.
• Turn off distractions such as other media and your phone.
• Most importantly, tune in spiritually as participants, not just observers. This is still your church!

The responses to our streaming Lenten services and Sunday’s Liturgies have been overwhelmingly positive and grows each week.  At this time, I want to thank Deacon Paul Makar, Thomas Dochych, Anna Lawrence, Sub deacon Alex Bricki and his mother Terri for helping with cantering all our services.  Thanks to our secretary Anna for her work at the parish office, to  Maria Alvarez for changing altar linens and Colette Baginsky for baking the Artos bread.  I am grateful to you for remembering me in your prayers  and for enthusiastically responding to my phone calls. I also want to thank all of you who have continued your financial support of our parish. Your labors, time, and offerings did not go unnoticed but instead are greatly appreciated!  May the Risen Lord bless you all!