Welcome Back Home!

Beloved in Christ,

​Jesus, You teach us to “fear no one,” but we are afraid, body and soul. There is so much fear in our world these days, from pandemic to civil unrest. It is time to cling to Christ, the Rock of ages, and His Church built upon Peter, a man transformed by the Holy Spirit. Are you clinging yet? I hope so. It’s been a challenging time but today I WELCOME you back to your spiritual home.

​In order to protect everyone, and to accommodate the needs of our Parishioners while meeting the social distancing guidelines and other guidance of health officials, we will be implementing the following steps at every Liturgy:

1. While in Church, face masks or coverings MUST be used at ALL TIMES except when receiving Communion.  Please bring your own mask.

2.     Social distancing must be observed between all present at the services. No handshakes, hugs or kissing when greeting one another. No touching or kissing of icons, venerate them with a simple bow.

3.     Some pews have been cordoned off and the pews that are open have been marked with blue tape indicating where people may sit.  Please note that family groups may sit together and are not bound by social distancing. All  should remain in place once  seated.  The church and pews are sanitized and  cleaned regularly.

4.     Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the church.  You are also encouraged to bring your own small sanitizer.

5.     Collection Plate Location: Two Baskets for both collections (2) are located at each side of the church back wall; no baskets will be passed at this time. You can place your gracious contribution into a basket before or after Liturgies.

6.     All Hymn Books and Liturgy Books have been temporarily removed from church. You are welcome to bring your own prayer book.

7.     The cantor will assist the priest by leading the faithful in worship.  There will be limited use of singing by congregation.

8.     Communion will be given as usual out of the chalice, but once you approach the chalice, lower your mask, tilt your head back and open your mouth so that Fr. Ivan can pour the gifts in your mouth without touching. Father will use two spoons in rotation. Each spoon will be sanitized immediately after each communicant by pure alcohol (at least 60-50%). People will process to receive communion while maintaining social distance following marks on the floor. 

9.     The floor is  taped to reflect appropriate social-distancing of 6 ft. for the Communion line. We ask communicants from the center pews of the church to be first in line for Holy Communion. Then communicants from the side pews to follow. Please, no cutting through center aisle pews.

 10.   Dismissal will be permitted out the front and side doors; The main and side  doors will be open for exit after the Liturgy.

11.   There will be no in-person coffee hour fellowships.

12. Parishioners  who are  sick or symptomatic must stay at home.

All these procedures were established for your protection. Thank you for your cooperation and please pray for each other.