Early Anniversary Celebration

On June 7, 2013 the student body of ACS celebrated the last Divine Liturgy before summer break that the whole school, Pre K – 8th grade,  would be together.  When the liturgy was complete and Father Ivan Turyk thought everyone was going back to school, little did he know that the students had a little surprise waiting for him.

Sister Yosaphata went and told Father Ivan that he was needed in the church. He followed Sister Yosaphata back into the church to see why he was needed. There sat all of the students sitting quiet as mice.  The 8th grade student council members shared that the number ten was an important number in our school. We had 10 classes with 10 teachers and students knew that 10 was a special number to him also. Father Ivan would be celebrating his 10th anniversary as a priest.

Each class presented a flower, candy, and a card in honor of his special day. Then as Father Ivan reached the end of the line, there stood 2 eighth grade gentlemen holding what looked like a platter that might hold more candy. Instead, when he removed the cloth, he saw the special gift that the children had for him. In honor of his 10th anniversary the children presented Father Ivan with a complete chalice set.

The administration, faculty, and children, wish Father Ivan a happy 10th anniversary. We hope that he has many more wonderful years in the service of God.